Projection of the elderly with dementia and those needing care

Japanese population peaked in 2004 and has been declining since then. Meanwhile, population aging in Japan will continue in the future, at least for the next 25 years.
Japan Aging Research Center (JARC) released the report “Japanese Population Projection” in February 2006. According to this report, Japanese population will decline to less than 90 million, and the proportion of the elderly (those aged 65 and over) will reach 40% by 2050. The elderly population itself is also expected to age in the future, resulting in the growing number of people with dementia and those who need care. 
This study is conducted to understand and make projection of the elderly with dementia and those needing care. We hope that this study helps municipalities, which are responsible for the long-term care program as insurers, make their own projection of those needing services. The study started in 2006, and the first phase will end in spring 2009. Continue reading